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Your Innovation Candidate - Building Value for the Long-term


  • Help bridge the divide in our community through objectivity, collaboration and transparent engagement.

  • Help North Saanich make fair, informed, and forward-looking decisions as they finalize the Official Community Plan.

  • Build long-term lasting social and economic value in North Saanich by bringing the best in agriculture, housing and climate innovations to the peninsula that can become the crowning jewel in Canada.


At the end of the day, we vote for leaders who we hope will make the best decisions on our collective behalf. Over the last two years I have observed that this is easier said than done. Those who choose to serve are doing so not because it is easy or self-gratifying, but because they believe they have something to contribute. I have met all our candidates, and by now, have met most of our key staff. THERE ARE MANY GAPS IN OUR KNOWLEDGE PRACTICE and I hope to help fill those gaps, either directly (on council) or indirectly (through citizenship) so we can move into the future with informed decision-making.


  • Show Me the Homework 

  • Show Me the Value

  • Show Me the Vision


  • Objective - It is impossible to completely step outside of our own opinions, beliefs and agendas. For me though, I have had to hone these skills to the best of my abilities because this is what I do for a living. As a knowledge worker, my job is to be objective in service to other people's needs. 

  • Informed - I seek the best information possible to form my opinions, recommendations, ideas and decisions. I have no issue with being proven wrong. It's all part of the process. I always reserve the right to change my views in light of new information or changing circumstances...and circumstances are changing faster than ever.

  • Wise decision-making - I have had the privilege to work with many incredibly smart people. Those who make the best decisions can see multiple perspectives at once, understand that wisdom comes from understanding the big picture, and are forward-looking to anticipate the possible impacts if their decisions. 

  • Fair - This sounds cliche. The insight here is that is all about the systems. Solving others' problems comes down to whether or not you have the means or power to do so within the system you are working in. Some problems are simple to fix. But in many cases, problems are systemic and will be beyond my power and position to fix. The good news is, SYSTEMS THAT NO LONGER WORK FOR US CAN BE CHANGED THROUGH INNOVATIVE THINKING. I commit to doing the hard work.

  • Collaborative and transparent - We are trying to solve "wicked problems". These problems can not be fixed by any one person, organization or institution alone. 

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