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I am 56 years old and have been a knowledge worker for over 35 years (hence the Greek philosopher on my cover page). While other teens were partying, I was volunteering, designing policy frameworks at the Canadian Association of Broadcasters in Ottawa. Since then my career has taken me from broadcasting to international space consulting and high technology. I've worked with people from all walks of life, (small business owners, start-ups, multinational corporations and inter-governmental organizations, social enterprises and non-profits) and have enjoyed all those experiences.

The relevant skills I bring to the job are strategic planning and corporate development skills.


The core theme through my whole career has been knowledge design to support good (and wise) decision-making.

As a self-professed knowledge-nerd, I enjoy navigating and solutioning in highly complex environments where others often dare not tread. I am as comfortable with the details as I am with the big picture and easily navigate in between. At this stage of my career, I am leveraging my experience to write a series of books on "Knowledge Hacking Wicked Problems". This is therefore a good time to also to help my local community as we are challenged by multiple global crises at once. I bring perspective, insight, innovation and design thinking to our government as we navigate these turbulent times, but I can not do it alone. I strive for balanced decision-making through collaboration with the smartest people I can find.

The many perspectives I bring to the table include: 

- Doing a triple major in my undergrad degree. Mass Communications taught me about our systems of information - journalism, mass media, public relations and at that time, the emerging Internet. Sociology taught me about inter-group relations and to appreciate what composes the fabric of our societies., Finally, economic and cultural anthropology gave me an understanding how we adapted to survive as a species, the many ways we organized ourselves economically, and how we structured our beliefs, norms and cultural practices through the stories we tell about ourselves...and that through all that history, how, unfortunately, we did not always have good leaders making good decisions on our behalf!

- An MBA means I bring business acumen to the table

- And experience in ventures and entrepreneurship means I keep a keen eye on macro-trends, macro-economics and innovation.

I bring dozens of ideas and solutions to the table. Please read on to discover more. 

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Community and Public Service Experience

  • Working on behalf of the McTavish neighbourhood – For almost two years, I have been advocating non-stop to give an objective voice to the needs of the McTavish neighbourhood.

  • Board Member – Island Women in Science and Technology – Recently joined the board and will be leading strategic planning for 2023.

  • Board Member – Young Entrepreneur Society of Victoria – YES was a local non-profit with a mandate to support local entrepreneurs and fundraise for local charities.

  • Advisor and Mentor – MarsDD (MaRS Discovery District) Toronto. Volunteered at this Innovation District that has become the premier center for innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada.

  • Other Volunteer work:

    • Canadian Women in Communications​

    • National Space Society

    • Girl Scouts of Canada

  • Charities I support​

    • Doctors Without Borders (MSF)​

    • The David Suzuki Foundation

    • The Ocean Clean Up

    • Mission Blue

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